Celento C George

Founder at Celensoft & Imeyou. Computer Programmer, Designer & Student
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Who am I?

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am a 19 year old student from India. I do code in my free time and it has turned out that my free time coding has produced some cool products that people around the world love to use.

In Order to have a unified place for all my products, I founded "Celensoft" back in 2008 when I was 10. Celensoft is now a Microsoft Certified Startup.

I began by developing basic HTML web pages and later moved into developing desktop software, mobile and web apps. Sire a fun and tricky mobile brain puzzle game, Super Web , a web browser for the modern web, Instant , a social networking and email client and Opacity, a YouTube downloader are among my finest products.

In mid 2016 I co-founded Imeyou , a P2P virtual network for anyone who is visiting a new place, along with Vartika Manaswi. Imeyou is growing at an incredible rate and is changing the way travellers around the world get things done.

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On the News

I was lucky enough to be featured on some of the top newspapers of the country. Here are three of them.

My Works

Here are few of my works. Apart form this I have done few websites and graphic designs.

Sire:The Brain Trainer
An Android game that works on your head.
Social Media & Email Client
Super Web
The web browser that compresses webpages for you.
A premium video downloader for the web & mobile.
Super Web Studio
Build cool themes for Super Web and upload it to the Super Web Store.
A superfast URL shortner
A Worldclass writing platform.

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  • Kerala, India

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